Transparent and yet full of secrets

The new TAKA-WPR documentary series on PVC windows

Windows play a key role in our everyday lives, but we rarely give them our full attention (except when we need to clean them). They come in all imaginable colours and shapes and yet we are usually very conservative in our choice of windows. Be it because we are not aware of the great variety of design possibilities or because functionality is the main criterion in the choice of windows.

Windows are the "face" of a building and, in addition to the aesthetic aspect, contribute significantly to the acoustic and thermal insulation of the building envelope. This aspect has gained in importance in recent years, as sustainability and energy efficiency have become central topics in the public eye.

But there is much more behind our windows than meets the eye. For over a year, we visited experts from different sectors and European countries to gain exclusive insights from them into various aspects of window manufacturing.

This documentary series is aimed at all stakeholders in the window industry but most importantly at all decision makers, such as private individuals and architects, to provide them with assistance in choosing the right window as well as interesting background knowledge.

You will never look at windows with the same eyes again!